Even at a basketball game little Zoe using a N-Sta-Smile toothbrush to brush her teeth. Proving your never to young to learn the importance of good oral healthcare.

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for People on the Go. 

Our mission is to put toothbrushes in the hands of every child.

We also believe it is extremely important for everyone, not just children, to use a new toothbrush each time they brush their teeth.   That is especially true during the cold and flu season.  These germs are spread predominately through the hands and mouth.  You should wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Using a new individually wrapped and germ free toothbrush each time, may be a useful tool to stop the spread of germs, or reintroducing those germs to someone who is infected by germs or viruses.  You can try these for free by visiting our online store, or by clicking the ad above.

Creators of the Patented
Waterless Mini Pre-pasted Disposable Toothbrush!
This site offers you the opportunity to purchase toothbrushes for personal use, your pets, and learn about the business opportunities that exist with
N-Sta-Smile Inc.

“Help Us Help A Child! ” Make a Difference in Your Community by teaming up with the Non-Profit group IOHC (International Oral Health Coalition)!
For More Info.- www.iohc.org  & hmorgan.iohc@gmail.com


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Post Foods, LLC of Jonesboro, AR

Mike Miller of The Miami Heat

Hot Springs Kids Dental

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United States Design Patent:

Patent # US D610,810s


Ingredients of Toothbrush powder:
glycerin, deionized water, sodium carboxymethyl, cellulose, silica, mint flavor, sodium benozate, sodium saccharin. Contains No Fluoride or Sodium Sulfate
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