About Us


N-Sta-Smile’s goal is to get a toothbrush in the hands of every child in every school. We have an oral health educational program that is being implemented in schools all over. Our Water-less mini pre-pasted  disposable toothbrush is so convenient for students to use while at school. Each year, 51 million school hours are lost directly to dental-related illnesses. Having good oral hygiene is just a first step in great overall health and wellness.


N-Sta-Smile with it’s Water-less pre-pasted disposable toothbrush is changing the face of  how we educate our children by partnering with schools to provide toothbrushes for children to use after lunch. N-STA-SMILE is working with corporate sponsors and non-profit organizations as well as donating 10% of all sales to provide as many toothbrushes as possible because they believe that a healthy child begins with good oral practices.



Our mission at N-Sta-Smile is to make tooth brushing a daily part of a child’s experience starting at pre-school. The belief that teaching good oral health habits and giving children the tools to practice that education will make a lifelong positive impact in a child’s health and well being. The personal care routine of brushing teeth is an area of concern for most childcare providers. Facilitating this personal care routine is a task that proves to be very challenging if for most professionals and highly staffed facilities. With N-Sta-Smile’s waterless product, the child care provider only spends 2 minutes a day teaching better oral health care instead of the average 20 minutes it takes today!