N-Sta-Smile Gives Back

N-Sta-Smile Gives Back
N-Sta-Smile has join several Non-Profit groups to spread our toothbrushes across the world to as many people in need as possible!
So don’t be surprised by where you might find our little toothbrushes making a huge difference in people’s lives! 
Just to name a few:
The IOHC (International Oral Health Coalition) uses our toothbrushes to teach children the importance of good oral hygiene.

Say Ft: dedicated to fund health and safety programs Worldwide while featuring (Ft.) extraordinary philanthropy work of celebrities athletes, doctors, & corporations.

N-Sta-Smile Travels to Oklahoma

After the horrific tornados swept across the Oklahoma, N-Sta-Smile with NEA saw an opportunity to give back and help out several communities in need! Nikki Haughey & April Stallings used the N-Sta-Smile truck to deliver toothbrushes and all kinds of relief items to the victims of the tornado’s. Nikki & April were there to help and give the families a little bit of basic comfort during their cleaning up and rebuilding. The ladies not only drove all the supplies to Oklahoma but also cleaned ans helped in any way they could! And we applaud them for all there efforts!!

N-Sta-Smile Tags along on Mission Trip to Haiti!

Toothbrushes to Haiti – Thank you N-Sta-Smile for making a global difference! Thanks to Stephen Sutton & his Mission Group for taking our brushes to the people of Haiti!

 N-Sta-Smile believes that they not only have a product that deserves to be on the market but also have a valuable tool for people in crisis during a natural disaster. That is why N-Sta-Smile is involved in donating toothbrushes.
N-Sta-Smile has been involved in many projects for example sending toothbrushes to the people of Haiti after their devastating earthquake that left them with no water and giving brushes to victims of a local ice storm.

If you have a project that needs toothbrushes or you want to help someone in need of brushes just go to info@n-sta-smile.com  and see how you can partner in getting this basic necessity to those in need.



Contributions to the American Red Cross for Victims of Disasters