Speciality Store

N-Sta-Smile offers a Kiosk perfect for retail sales. The Kiosk holds the following products; 4pk blister pack of toothbrushes, 2pk blister pack of toothbrushes and single hard pack. Introductory price for Kiosk with product is $50 / $41.30 Introductory Price
To carry this product in your store just fill out the contact us page at the on-line store or email info@n-sta-smile.com


N-Sta-Smile Has recently created a product for both large and small pet oral health care. Our new Waterless Pre-Pasted Disposable Pet Toothbrushes are great for any pet. Especially pets with teeth. Our Pet Toothbrushes are available with short handles for small pets or long handles for large pets. Our pre-pasted formula does not contain flouride or sodium sulfate, which makes them completely safe. While N-Sta-Smile Pet Toothbrushes are completely safe for all animals including people, they are not recommended for use by humans. Oh yeah! One other cool fact: When you purchase our Waterless Pre-Pasted Disposable Toothbrushes, a portion of your proceeds go towards our “Help Us Help A Child” campaign. if you would like more information about this project click the link below.